Boston Sports Day

Unconventional Winter Weather Sports Activities

So let’s say you’re the type of Bostonian who lives to be outdoors in the cold, as is typical of the Massachusetts coast from the late fall through early spring every year.  You may be looking for sports to play outdoors, but even with all the high socks and heavy equipment, casual soccer, baseball, and football fans just aren’t willing to play at such temperatures.  If you’re not the type to take easily to snow sports like sledding and snowboarding, but still want the enjoyment of playing outdoor sports instead of hibernating away for several months, there are some less conventional options you can pursue.  Below, we’ll cover two major ones, and you can decide for yourself if either is right for you.


Woodsball is a form of paintball play that’s been popularized thanks to its setting-based challenges and excellent opportunities for cover.  Though commonly played during the warmer months thanks to thicker foliage, woodsball is an excellent choice for playing during the winter because environmental cover is decidedly less available, particularly in Northeastern locations such as Boston.  Paintball certainly isn’t a sport everyone will enjoy, but if you like to sprint, duck for cover, and plot out strategy as you play, pick up a paintball gun and see if you can outlast the rest in a quick game of woodsball.

Capture the Flag

If you have children you’re taking along for your outdoor sports play, or perhaps just because you’re not a big fan of paintball guns, playing capture the flag allows you all the eventfulness of paintball without the use of weapons or having to worry about blister afterward.  You’ll need to find a fairly large group in order to make the game fun in an open field, though if you play in the woods in the cold, you’ll have the added element of surprise and considerably reduced need to have nearly as many players.  So long as you’re fast on your feet and swift in your brain, this should be a game you take to easily.