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David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez Want the Red Sox to Acquire Jose Fernandez

Jose Fernandez is all smiles after the Marlins' 2-1 win over the Mets. Wikipedia

At one point during the season, the Boston Red Sox had the best record in the AL East and the American League, and looked like one of the favorites to win the World Series. Since then, the Red Sox lost a few games and the Baltimore Orioles went on a tear and now the Red Sox are sitting two games behind Baltimore in the standings. Even though Boston still has one of the best MLB baseball odds of making the playoffs, the team would love to send David Ortiz, who is retiring after the season, off with another championship.

Ortiz would also like to retire with a championship, which is why he has been lobbying the team to trade for Jose Fernandez and Edwin Encarnacion.

After the All-Star game on Tuesday, Ortiz made the suggestion that the team trade for Fernandez, who is currently with the Miami Marlins. Ortiz wanting the Red Sox to trade for Fernandez is understandable because the Red Sox desperately need to improve their starting rotation, and Fernandez, who is 23 years old, will provide stability at the starting pitcher position for a long time.

The right handed Cuban is also in the midst of the best season of his short career, with an 11-4 record and 2.52 ERA. Going by past actions, the Red Sox might be able to make a trade happen because the Marlins ownership has dealt away great young talent in the past just to avoid paying a big contract.

However, things might be different now in South Beach, because the team is in the midst of a playoff run and might not want to take the risk. The Marlins also signed slugger Giancarlo Stanton to a big contract, so they might be willing to open up their wallet for a talented player like Fernandez.

Ortiz also made another surprising push after the All-Star game, he asked the Red Sox to acquire Edwin Encarnacion as his replacement. While a few people might think Ortiz was just messing around, he was dead serious about both suggestions.

Dave Dombrowski, the Red Sox President of baseball operations, admitted the team needed a starting pitcher or two, but he didn’t comment on the chances of the team acquiring Fernandez.

Even if the Red Sox are unable to trade for Fernandez, the team will still try to acquire a reliable starting pitcher that can help them win games because they don’t want to waste the production they are receiving from Ortiz, who is currently having the best season of his career.

While Ortiz would love to play on the same team with Fernandez, he has to be a little disappointed in the right hander. Before the All-Star game, Fernandez told reporters how much he admired Ortiz and he would throw three fastballs down the middle if he faced Ortiz on Tuesday night, but he threw a changeup when Ortiz came to the plate on Tuesday.

Ortiz isn’t the only Red Sox player that would love to see Fernandez in Boston, Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez, who remains one of the most popular athletes in Boston, has also said he would love to see Fernandez in a Red Sox uniform.

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